There are different ways of measuring progress and success. Some days I’m excited to make it through a paragraph. Other times I have a week like the last few days. I completed three different chapters on three different novels. I have a fourth chapter started. However, I made a promise to stop after the last chapter and this blog.

This past summer has brought on a lot of hardship. It was supposed to be an easy summer of family time and writing only to evolve into a nightmare I wish to wake up. Loss of family members, residents at work to whom I was close, and other stress related events have veiled my normal sunny disposition.

I put on a smile hide behind a mask for people to think I’m okay. I feel like a werewolf fearing the full moon. One bad moment, one bad day from coming undone which is all we are anyway. I’m stronger than that though and have faith in myself to pull through this low point. Which brings back another thought on progress, some days, progress is getting out of bed. Progress is making an attempt.

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