Blood and Brimstone

Deliver Us from Evil
The sun glared off a camera lens into Tony’s left eye. He brought his arm up to the podium in a nonchalant attempt of blocking the light. The crowd grew around him as he began his speech.
“I am saddened today. In all efforts to receive aid from other nations, we have found ourselves at a loss. It has been made apparent that no one will answer our plea. Instead, they send hostile messages of invasion now that we are weak. With a heavy heart, I announce a call to arms to protect our glorious nation. I…”
A blinding beam burrowed into his cornea. Tony shook his head trying to adjust away from the annoying light. No matter which way he moved the ray seemed to find the same spot. He searched for the source thinking the cameras changed positions. No one had moved.
“I can only hope that we can resolve this issue before there is any bloodshed. I will do everything in my power…” Tony stopped, blinded by the shining reflection again. “…to prevent war.”
He saw something reflecting the sun in front of him. He squinted for a better look at the object. It moved again, but he remained puzzled. Tony forgot the crowd and speech trying to figure it out.
“Sir, are you alright?” Someone called to him from some unknown distance. He ignored the question and stepped around the podium.
“It’s about time you came out so we can get a better look at you. Now take a good look in the mirror, Tony. Well, let’s call it by its proper name, the mirror of Judas.”

Tony saw his true reflection as a demon. Gasps grew into screams before him.
“It betrays anyone who hides their true image.” Sullivan Arch moved to the front of the crowd. “How long did you expect to betray these innocent people?”
“As long as I wanted,” Tony replied in a deep, guttural voice. “These sad, little sheep swallowed every word I fed them.” He gestured to all of the eyes watching the exchange.
Sullivan pulled his axes out while Samael held the mirror up behind him. “You’re finished.”
“You wish,” growled Tony. He unleashed a terrible shriek that pierced everyone’s ears.  A thunderous sound grew from behind the stage. Tony raised his arms as demons jumped into the crowd attacking the humans around the angels.
People scattered to the best of their ability. They collided with one another slowing down their ability to run away. Demons sliced the chests and faces of their victims open. A woman squirted blood from her shredded throat. Severed heads caused a few escapees to trip. Bodies were trampled.
Sullivan dropped the closest demons working toward Tony. He watched Tony turn back into his former disguise before running offstage. Samael and Chamiel helped kill the demons in the crowd. Jophiel managed the borders of the mass. The evil horde caused as much carnage as possible while trying to avoid death.
Sullivan chased Tony through a labyrinth of parked cars. Tony mistook a dead end for an alley. He turned the corner too late to realize his error. Tony punched the brick wall. Sullivan hesitated a couple of yards away.

“It’s over Tony. We’ve exposed you to the world. No one is coming to save you. Face me and die with some honor.”
Tony spun around. “You know, that’s an interesting suggestion. I think I’m going to pass.” He walked closer. He watched Sullivan maintain his distance. “It’s Sullivan, right? I remember the stories Furcas told me. You have an impressive track record, my friend.”
“I am not your friend.”
“Of course not, but I am Furcas’s friend. And despite what you may believe, he has your best interest in mind. Do you think you would still be alive if he didn’t?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Furcas has a message for you. The war can’t be stopped at this point, but the demons won’t ever win. We’re too few in number. Jessica is lost in the desert even after he sent trackers out to find her. We can’t find her.”
“Then why start the war? You lost her and couldn’t find her? You stay the hell away from Jessica.”
“No matter what you think, Jessica would be dead now if not for Furcas. You would be dead. He has looked out for you since day one. He knows this war can’t be won. Beelzebub won’t listen to reason. He’s bent on world domination.”
“Is there anything else before I kill you?” Sullivan adjusted the grip on his axes.
“It’s not my day to die. Do it.”

A dog barked as it plowed into Sullivan’s legs knocking him down. He rolled over and jumped to his feet. He expected an attack that never came. Sullivan glanced everywhere. He was alone in the alley.
“Damn it,” he muttered.
Sam landed next to him. “Where’s Tony?”
“He got away. It’s my fault. I didn’t notice the dog. It was Ornias.”
Chamiel and Jophiel arrived a second later. Sullivan looked at them.
“We have to get back. I have something to tell everyone.”

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