Rise of the Fallen

When I started Son of the World it was meant to be a totally different book. I saw a thriller about a serial killer with the purpose of showing everyone how scary normal situations could become.

This is not the novel that grew from my idea. Yes, the book featured a serial killer, but by the end I discovered there was so much more to my character. He did horrific things to his victims. He followed orders with little hesitation. I found he suffered from the deaths he caused.

I discovered a connection between his desire for redemption and forgiveness to my own wish for self-forgiveness. I watched the questions of my own existence and mortality pour into the pages. The hope for answers has carried into book three as I get closer to finishing the first draft.

New Gods brought my need to examine politics and religion. I always worry about the media casting a negative role into both. I explored further into the path to inner peace even as the world fell apart. My character was converting into an anti-hero. He did not feel like he deserved to be saved. Who was he to save others? But he fought with the help from a family he never knew existed.

With this next book, I travel into the emotions of loss. I cannot hope to explain how much loss I’ve experienced. I have been around death since a child. I used my difficulty in dealing with loss as my motivation. I’m not sure I found any answers, but I managed release some of the pain I have held onto for years.

Thank everyone who have taken the time to purchase and read the novels. I’m thankful for each review. I hope they keep coming.

Thank you for being beautiful!

Raymond G. Newsome

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