4th of July

Happy Birthday, America! It’s going to be a long hard to road to find the best path, but we’re a resilient nation. We have to be! I believe in us. All I ask is you believe in us. All things happen for a reason.

I think other writers would agree. We feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. Honestly, I feel everything a little too much. I feel the emotions of others to the point that I find it hard to recognize my own. The same applies to my characters. I draw myself into them so far, I lose myself. It’s not my thoughts or trials. I press the keys to help them share their story.

We all have this story to share. We all have our moments that the world needs to experience. I grew up listening to stories from my grandparents and parents, my aunts and uncles, and anyone else willing to open up. It was as magical as opening a novel and traveling through the pages. The eyes inside my head watched everything.

This summer has been as trying as last summer. My writing has slowed from every obstacle that steps before me. I’m motivated though! I won’t give up! I want anyone struggling to promise me you will be the same way! Life’s hard. It sucks beyond repair at times. It’s life though. We can make it work.

Be strong! Write! Live! Laugh! Read! Fulfill every dream you can. Start small but reach for the stars! I am only limited by my own mind, but I am infinite! So are you!

Have a wonderful holiday, my fellow Americans! To all of my other beautiful friends worldwide, I hope the week gets better. The heat adds to the trying times! To my family, I love you! May you all find the wonder I cling to!


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