Fall Changes

As the leaves change color and the temperature remains in the eighties, I have begun to make some changes. The biggest change in the works is making my way away from Amazon as publisher. The switch is almost complete so it won’t be much longer. I have my E-books in place. The paperbacks are almost ready.

The next change will be this website. I have a short story in the works for a magazine. After I complete this interesting tale, I hope to begin a series of stories focused on the Fallen Angels from The Rise of the Fallen series. I wanted to give everyone an in-depth look at each character. All of this will help lead up to the release of book four, Harbor of Lost Souls. I’m working on the chapter three now.

When the tales of the Fallen Angels are finished, I’m going to plan out stories on the wolves that grace the pages of books two through four. Lukas and his clan have a beautiful tale all of their own.

Nothing in Bland (short story) and I am Brian will be my next releases! I hope to have dates for you soon!

I love you all!!


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