Happy New Year!

Short visit on my way to an unfortunate obsession with the written word. I’m hammering away at multiple projects. The world and my brain slows down for nothing. Anyway, be on the lookout for the conclusion to the Rise of the Fallen series named, Harbor of Lost Souls.

Now the more exciting news! I am Brian comes out on January 15th!

Brian Leroy Lewis ends up in an interrogation room with Detective Jackson after being discovered at the scene of a grisly murder. Brian torments and teases the detective despite agreeing to a full confession on one condition- he wants to leave a record of his life.

The detective reluctantly begins recording the story of murder, death, and betrayal. The killer paints a painful and twisted childhood leading to the disturbed man. However, not everything fits in a nice box as Brian Leroy Lewis has a few surprises left up his sleeve.

What could he have planned?

Be sure to join me when it hits and find out what happens!

Love always and Happy New Years!


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