When do we give up on the year that 2020 began drinking? I guess an obvious choice is to drink along with it. I could follow Hemingway’s advice. Write drunk, edit sober. (I’ll save it for another project.)

As I finally grow closer to the end of my current project, I can’t help but start reflecting on which project should gain my focus. Perhaps I’ll begin my typical rotation of multiple projects at one time, at least for the time being.

Demons and killers and monsters, oh my! So many choices. I’m beginning to doubt that I’ll ever catch up with my growing list of ideas. Perhaps I mix up my plan of release depending on the story since not every story needs to be a novel. Right?

With less twelve thousand words left to finish this current and writing a thousand words a night, I hope my next update does offer some light into what I’m working on next. A wonderful and safe year to you all!

Raymond Newsome

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