What Do You Mean It’s 6AM?

I’ve been awake for three hours now after sleeping less than three hours. (Go figure!) Don’t ask me why I’m still awake. I know I’m going to suffer for it later. I can already feel the effects of my lack of sleep. However, this is not a new or spontaneous phenomenon.

It has grown worse over recent months leading up to this moment. I can’t say I’m surprised. So here I am.

I have been chasing the phrase “The End” for too long now. Book four is behind schedule. A couple of other projects are behind schedule. It cannot be helped in the present time.

Life is an endless rollercoaster. Right now, I’m stuck in several curves and loops at a rapid pace. It is a struggle to keep up. I’ll keep doing my best.

I want to finish book four rather soon, but I can only hope to have it ready by summer. Then I will try to clear my plate a little further before charging into new Adventures of Pipsqueak and Bob and a few thrillers.

It’s time to get back to writing.

Raymond G. Newsome

Write, wRiTe, wrItE

Does anyone else ever have that moment when they sit down with their laptop or pen and paper only to feel lost? The words that nagged at your mind all day, week, whatever, slip away like dust in the wind. You might as well watch paint dry at the rate you begin to type.

I’ve known the struggle all too well the last few weeks. I get excited. I move further into my projects. I stall like a combustion engine without enough oxygen. Ah, but that’s life isn’t it? We get busy, experience exhaustion… draw a blank.

So I’ve decided to indulge my lack of desire, my blankness. I picked up a book. I watched some movies and new television shows. Everything I can imagine. To name a few I’ve been watching Gotham, The Punisher, Umbrella Academy, and Deadly Academy. I watched The Ted Bundy Tapes in its entirety in one night.

I’m writing this, my first blog in a while, to celebrate my wonderful experience with writer’s block. Four different projects and a few force paragraphs in each. I’ve discovered nothing. I’ve recovered little. I’m trying though.

I wish you all the best!


Ps Don’t forget that I am Brian is still available for free for a little bit longer on Nook, iTunes, and Kobo. Kindle and GooglePlay holds it at 2.99.  Come see why two readers already want a sequel.

I am Brian

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

I am writing you today to announce my book, I am Brian. I came out of hiding long enough to work with Raymond to produce this work of “fiction.” He listened to everything I said making notes and creating my legacy. He changed names to protect my identity, my children, and the woman who does not stare at me like I’m a disgusting freak.

Come help me thank the author and read my story.


Have a killer night,

Brian Leroy Lewis

Happy New Year!

Short visit on my way to an unfortunate obsession with the written word. I’m hammering away at multiple projects. The world and my brain slows down for nothing. Anyway, be on the lookout for the conclusion to the Rise of the Fallen series named, Harbor of Lost Souls.

Now the more exciting news! I am Brian comes out on January 15th!

Brian Leroy Lewis ends up in an interrogation room with Detective Jackson after being discovered at the scene of a grisly murder. Brian torments and teases the detective despite agreeing to a full confession on one condition- he wants to leave a record of his life.

The detective reluctantly begins recording the story of murder, death, and betrayal. The killer paints a painful and twisted childhood leading to the disturbed man. However, not everything fits in a nice box as Brian Leroy Lewis has a few surprises left up his sleeve.

What could he have planned?

Be sure to join me when it hits and find out what happens!

Love always and Happy New Years!



I apologize for the lack of communication. I have been working hard, it has paid off. I am Brian is almost ready for publication. It will be released on January 15, 2019! That’s later than I planned, however, life tends to have other ideas.  My short stories ended up being placed on hold as my limited time went to I am Brian .

I have have other projects underway, including the fourth book in the Rise of the Fallen series. My next two series are ready for life, and I have more Adventures of Pipsqueak and Bob scheduled.

I’ll return with more information soon!

Love always,


Fall Changes

As the leaves change color and the temperature remains in the eighties, I have begun to make some changes. The biggest change in the works is making my way away from Amazon as publisher. The switch is almost complete so it won’t be much longer. I have my E-books in place. The paperbacks are almost ready.

The next change will be this website. I have a short story in the works for a magazine. After I complete this interesting tale, I hope to begin a series of stories focused on the Fallen Angels from The Rise of the Fallen series. I wanted to give everyone an in-depth look at each character. All of this will help lead up to the release of book four, Harbor of Lost Souls. I’m working on the chapter three now.

When the tales of the Fallen Angels are finished, I’m going to plan out stories on the wolves that grace the pages of books two through four. Lukas and his clan have a beautiful tale all of their own.

Nothing in Bland (short story) and I am Brian will be my next releases! I hope to have dates for you soon!

I love you all!!


Hard Truths to Swallow

I’ve had a lot on my mind this week. Not sure when I found time to think at work, but here we are. A conversation topic today was depression and anxiety. I finally admitted something out loud that I’m surprised no one noticed. I used my jokes and humor as coping management for depression. There are others but this is the largest one. No one can stop a sense of humor where as they can stop other activities.

My anxiety and panic attacks have been known to paralyze. My body aches, my heart feels like I’m going into cardiac arrest. I beat them for years. They were gone until the last few months. So where does this leave me?

Struggling through my weekly routine. Fighting the desire to drastically change so much. I want to hide and write but the words are slow. I’ll shake it again in time. For now, it is one day no matter what. I’ll fight the need to hide away from the world for those who can’t understand.  I’ll focus on the books I’m writing with hopes of the others finding success.

I love you all,


Pikeville Comic Con

August 25th, 2018

I am honored to say I was part of the second annual Pikeville Comic Con in Pikeville, KY. There were some awesome guests making appearances. I wish I had a better chance to meet them all. The real stars at the show though were the fans and everyone came. The costumes were incredible. They all made me feel welcome with my first public appearance. Thank you all!

I have pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

I can’t wait to see everyone next year!

Love always,



End of the Summer Fun

I apologize for the radio silence. With school starting, I had a lot of extra errands to run for the children. They’re all set well enough to get started and that’s the important part. My car is running again. So I can say it’s been productive despite my struggle to write.

I hoped to have more written by now. I hoped to communicate with you more. Life does not always agree with our plans.

On to the exciting news, next Saturday, August 25th, I will be at the Pikeville Comic Con in Pikeville, KY. It’s being held at the East KY Expo Center. The ticket price is $10.

I hope everyone can make it!

I will have copies of books 1-3 of the Rise of the Fallen series for sale and ready for any question or conversation.

One last thing before I say goodnight (It’s 1:05 am), I made an announcement on social media I hoped to share with everyone on here. The next adventure for Pipsqueak and Bob will be released soon! I’ll give you more information soon.

My Post (26)

Good night. I love you all.



I’ve had nine and a half hours of sleep since Monday. I am sitting here listening to the movie my girlfriend fell asleep to (PS I Love You). My side table is littered with remotes, books, my phone, and a Mountain Dew. I shouldn’t be sharing this but it’s part of my superpower and curse. Sleep fails to be a convenience in my life. Insomnia claimed me over two decades ago (I’m 34…you do the math).

The curse about not sleeping tonight has to do with my plans for tomorrow. As part of my birthday celebration for my son. We’re going to the Natural Bridge State Park and the Kentucky Reptile Zoo. I believe I’m as excited as he is!

The title of the main book beside me, The Darkest Minds, keeps drawing my attention. Three words speak volumes as I battle with my own dark mind, I fight a never-ending battle that never truly stops. It comes from the same place as doubt and fear but worse than both. It flows through your veins with each blood cell. It shoots like electricity through your nerves. It paralyzes you and you don’t know why. My panic and anxiety are on hyper-drive.

I shouldn’t explain what I’m going through as I fight through this. I can feel myself want to slam a screwdriver through my temple. The bottles on top of my fridge beckon me. The pain in my eyes tries to bring me to my knees. I keep fighting. I pretend everything is normal and the same. I act goofy and crazy to make everyone unaware so they don’t worry. How do you explain that you can feel yourself falling apart? It’s only temporary but fuck! I hate it. I hate myself. I feel like everything wrong is my fault. Get this out of my head!

I’m just ready to find my way back to the peace and solace that lingers quietly in a corner of my heart.  The tears can stop at any time now. I’m sorry. Let’s try to sleep.

I love you all,